I create images simply for the love of it.

WonderLight Photography

Northwest Landscapes

The Process

Images were captured on Fuji film (Velvia, Astia or Provia) using a Pentax 6x7 Medium Format camera (unless otherwise noted in the image). I love seeing pictures blown up large and would love the opportunity to print murals. I used every available precaution to minimize camera vibration (which is not easy with the guillotine inside the Pentax 67) so that I can get the sharpest possible image.

I scanned the images on a Hasselblad film scanner and did basic digital darkroom work using PhotoShop. I used Photoshop to produce images that were more like what my eyes saw rather than the limitations of my equipment. Photoshop was also used to remove sani-cans, trash, or other distracting objects from an image but I’ve never pasted Bambi into a picture. If it was in my picture…it was there in nature.

I printed the archival prints on Epson Premium Luster paper using an Epson 7600 inkjet printer and included a white “mat”/border in the print. I inspected and initialed every print in the lower right hand corner in the white “mat” area, just outside of the image.

The print was dry-mounted to medium density fiberboard (MDF) using acid free dry-mount tissue and was covered with a UV protective laminating film. The laminating film + print + tissue + MDF were heat-pressed to produce a flat, permanent mount.

The finished product has a matte surface with extremely low glare. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or household glass cleaners like Windex. The picture has a beveled black edge and is ready to hang as is or will accept frame molding if desired.

Marc Wunderlich